Legacy Systems Support

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it….

In a world where we are always being encouraged to invest in the latest technology it is easy to forget that replacing process systems is not only expensive but can be extremely disruptive to the smooth running of a manufacturing or process facility. Furthermore the functionality delivered by the latest equipment may not actually offer any significant benefit over existing plant.

It is therefore no surprise that many companies run highly efficient processes using equipment that has been operating effectively for years, if not decades.

But do maintain it….

This said, all plant needs to be maintained if it is to work at best efficiency, yet often maintenance companies follow OEMs onto new plant and can’t offer full support or parts on older systems, sometimes forcing manufacturers to replace plant that is otherwise perfectly serviceable.

Denca recognise the value of legacy system support for those companies with older computer systems and software which is still efficiently doing the job it was installed for many years earlier.

We offer a peerless service to help ensure you get the best service out of legacy equipment, only upgrading when it is the most effective and efficient option.

Amongst numerous others, Denca continue to support Alan Bradley PLC5 and  Siemens S5 which still enjoys a large installed user base over 25 year after it’s introduction. In fact, the S5 has been around even longer than Denca Controls!

We are able to source replacement components even if they are out of production, and code software interfaces to integrate legacy systems with newer technologies, though in some cases this should be seen as a short term fix while a long term, sustainable solution is implemented.

We will always use our experience and know-how to ensure we deliver the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

All good things come to an end….

Legacy systems may not always be the best course of action and sometimes it makes more sense to ‘bite the bullet’ and replace or upgrade inefficient systems which will become ever more costly to maintain.

Whatever your circumstances, Denca will analyse your legacy systems, propose options and provide the best and most honest advice available.