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Denca – Planning for real-world growth

Five years ago the Denca management team established clear and positive plans to grow the business.  These plans reflected Denca as it was in 2014. We had already built an enviable reputation in our field. Protecting this hard-won reputation to … Continue reading

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Supporting Customer Growth

The value of effective service delivery Denca focuses on the effective and efficient execution of our services to deliver the technical EC&I outcomes demanded by its customer base. Leading global Management Consultants McKinsey name it “Omnichannel customer service”. At its … Continue reading

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Growing the Denca Team

The value of Investing in People In order to sustain Denca’s recent strong growth, we need to ensure access to a pool of qualified, experienced staff. We need them to support our client partners and their increasing demand for day … Continue reading

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Denca annual customer survey 2019

Denca has an ongoing commitment to delivering the best possible service to you. Our annual Customer Survey is an important tool in giving you the opportunity to give us feedback on your own experience of working with us. The 2019 Survey has … Continue reading

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Partnering Denca to deliver your ideal control panel

Design and manufacture of bespoke control panels is a key element of the Denca operation. Consequently, our dedicated panel team can deliver exactly the panel you need. Being Denca, our extensive knowledge allows us to offer various levels of support … Continue reading

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2018 Christmas Charity Vote – The Results

Once again, Thank you to everybody who took part and voted for our Christmas 2018 Charities. The results are as follows: Halton Haven – 52% Save the Children – 26% Meningitis Research – 20% As in previous years, we have split our donation … Continue reading

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2018 Christmas Charity Vote – The Results

Thank you to everybody who took part and voted for our Christmas 2018 Charities. The results are as follows: Save the Children – 48% Kidney Research UK – 17% The Stroke Association – 35% As previously, we have apportioned our donation to … Continue reading

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Real-world Industry 4.0. Where to start?

In this article we looked at an overview of Industry 4.0, the fourth evolution in manufacturing.  We discussed what it is and the impacts it can have. In essence, Industry 4.0 is about the capture, distribution and sharing of data … Continue reading

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Real world growth of integrated process data comms

Denca installed its very first Business Energy Management System in 2014. Since then, we have seen an increase in both interest and project commitments from our customers. This trend looks set to continue as more and more manufacturers recognise the … Continue reading

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Industry 4.0 – Dawn of a new era?

Industry 4.0 is the fourth era of manufacturing. The First Era Started in the 17th & early 18th centuries with the first mechanical machinery that carried out work previously people did manually, leading to the Industrial Revolution. The Second Era followed … Continue reading

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